Anderson Gray was born and raised on the Atlantic coast in a lovingly restored, colonial-era home in Maine. His childhood memories include sitting by the fireplace in a seventeenth-century chair, woodworking with his grandfather in the barn, and cooking Christmas dinner by candlelight. It wasn’t until 2015, when he began working as a sailmaker in Massachusetts, that Gray's lifelong love of traditional craftsmanship of all forms blossomed from pastime into full-blown passion. Struck by the simple yet timeless elegance of his craft, Anderson began to utilize the same techniques and materials of sailmaking to create canvas and leather items such as tool belts, classic canvas signs, and bags. Gray founded Anderson Gray & Company in January of 2019.
A composer of musical pieces as well, Gray’s thesis at Amherst College was a string quartet entitled Shore. Each movement of this biographical composition, dedicated to a life spent by the sea, was inspired by a specific coastline. Anderson applies this same place-based narrative to each of his product lines, drawing directly from the storied history of hardscrabble New England life. Anderson’s debut collection, the Whaling City Line, consists of authentic bags built for contemporary use. Each piece calls upon the rich maritime heritage of the Northeast. 

Anderson describes his recycled sailcloth collection, the Penobscot Bay Line, as “tough, water-resistant, and humble…just like a true Mainer”! The three designs celebrate his family’s traditions of island camping, motor tinkering, and simply messing around in boats. The new Pioneer Valley Line, introduced May 1st, is a call to that Western Massachusetts valley's rich soil and farming history.
At Anderson Gray & Company, beauty and functionality are one and the same. We handcraft our goods using traditional techniques and natural, heirloom-quality materials, connecting people to the past while ensuring that every item endures over time. 
Anderson met his wife, Arla, at a performance ofShore in the Berkshires. Also a sailmaker, she is currently serving as the & Company.