Process & Materials

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work”. - fromWhite Pine by Mary Oliver

Anderson Gray & Co. products are created to connect their owners to a specific place and time. Whether it be perusing rural New England historical societies, reading old Atlantic captains’ logs, or heading down to the docks to chat with local fishermen, Anderson gives great attention to his research and development processes. He employs time-tested materials and traditional techniques in classic, minimalist designs.

The materials used in &co. products are sourced within the USA and favor New England-based companies whenever possible:

Bainbridge - Canton, MA

Challenge Sailcloth - South Windsor, CT

R&W Rope - New Bedford, MA

Waterhouse Leather - Hyannis, MA

As a craftsman, Gray sees history as not only inspiring, but instructive. He works to realize this conviction through the ever-evolving American folk canon of &co. canvas and leather goods.